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Claudia Christian


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Claudia Christian is the most recognized advocate for The Sinclair Method (TSM) in the world.

In 2013, Christian started her non-profit C Three Foundation to help raise awareness of the treatment, which saved her life in 2009.

In 2014, Christian’s award winning documentary One Little Pill was released.

Christian has spoken at UCLA, USC and at medical conventions around the world. In addition, she has appeared on Larry King Now and Megyn Kelly educating people about TSM.

Her TEDx talk on TSM has had over 2.2 million views. She is a fierce advocate for medication assisted treatment (MAT) and is on the advisory board for Ria Health, a telemedicine company that offers comprehensive, personalized treatment for patients with AUD.

Michele Perron, PhD

TSM Recovery Consultant

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Are you a professional, executive, or entrepreneur who is wondering about your "business drinking?" do you need help to make a new decision? Would like to learn how to manage your drinking on your own time, even if you are traveling? Do you want to keep this issue private? Now you can learn to successfully manage your drinking so you can enjoy your favorite drink on your terms.

You can get clear, intelligent, and effective strategies to make the changes you want "off-the-grid," in the privacy of your own home or office, with private pay. By speaking to an experienced and focused addiction professional, you can get answers to your questions about drinking and drugs, family, work, and health related struggles. If you don't want to check into treatment, join Alcoholics Anonymous, and want the skills to handle this effectively but aren't sure where to get help, contact me today. Whether its moderating your drinking or stopping it entirely, you don't have to do it alone.

Save time, save money, save your job, your health, and your relationships.

Michele holds a PhD in Counseling Studies from Capella University and an MBA from Thunderbird School of Global Management. She is certified as a drug and alcohol counselor internationally as well as in the US, and is certified in Applied Positive Psychology and is a Clinical Supervisor at Lionrock Recovery. Michele has worked at all levels of addiction care including detox units, intensive inpatient care, intensive outpatient care, extended care, medication assisted care, adolescent care, continuing care, moderation management, and online telehealth TSM coaching and counseling. She is the author of “Tools for Life” a comprehensive and practical guide to the underlying principles of recovery.

Katie Lain

TSM Coach

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Katie’s personal experience with overcoming alcohol addiction through the Sinclair Method allows her to guide people from a unique perspective. She works on a peer-to-peer level providing mentorship as they navigate through TSM and changing their relationship to alcohol, self and life. In these sessions, Katie practices active listening, asking thoughtful questions that allow the individual to tap into their own intuitive guidance for healing and well-being, in addition to providing practical tips and tools for overcoming challenges on TSM.