Make a difference in the lives of people recovering from alcohol use disorder. → Become a Certified TSM Coach

TSM Coaching Certificate

Learn the basics of professional Sinclair Method coaching from C Three Foundation CEO Claudia Christian.

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Support your clients

If you are already a coach or licensed mental health professional, earning a TSM Coaching certificate will help you gain valuable insight that will allow you to better support your current clients as they reduce or eliminate their alcohol consumption.

Career Opportunities

The Sinclair Method is a rapidly growing treatment for AUD. As medical providers continue to add it to their practices, there is a growing demand for knowledgeable coaches to assist their patients throughout their recovery process.


Learning Objectives

Sinclair Method Basics

Learn to define AUD, TSM, and understand the TSM protocol. Understand the dual nature, and how to assist clients in asking their doctors the right questions about medication timing and dosing.

Coaching Intake Best Practices

Learn how to determine what type of drinker your client is and what questions to ask to help them reduce alcohol and build toward success.

Integrating Health and Wellness Practices

Understand and learn to communicate the roles of proper sleep, nutrition, and exercise in AUD and recovery.

Navigating Special Situations

Learn about special circumstances: weight loss surgery, hormonal issues, dosage issues, absorption issues, metabolism-age factors.

Building Complex Support Systems

Learn how to communicate the value of a complex support system in recovery and learn how to assist your clients in building strong support systems.

Loved One Support Practices

Learn how to guide clients to create an open line of communication-establishing what works best for the client in the effort to be accountable and honest about use.