Claire Cazier

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Claire was present at the birth of The Sinclair Method (TSM) when she received intensive training in London from Dr. David Sinclair, soon after the treatment’s introduction in Finland in 1997. She is certified in The Psychology and Therapy of Addiction by the International Association of Therapists. She lives and worksin both London and Los Angeles, with knowledge of the differing cultures and medical systems of both the UK and US and can coach patients in either country.

Claire was swift to grasp the often counter-intuitive reasons that cause and drive compulsive, uncontrolled drinking and how the process of unlearning addiction proceeds at varying rates among individuals.  She offered valuable editing and commentary while working with me as I was immersed in the process of writing the seminal book on TSM, “The Cure for Alcoholism” (2008 – 2012). Claire’s been involved with TSM from the time it emerged from the laboratory and made its way into the real world.  Claire is a sensitive and gifted counsellor who is able to incorporate other healing and complementary modalities into TSM while remaining faithful to the core of the method – pharmalogical extinction.

-- Dr. Roy Eskapa, author of "The Cure for Alcoholism"