Claudia Christian, NCPRSS, SAC dip

Claudia Christian is the most recognized advocate for The Sinclair Method (TSM) in the world.

In 2013, Christian started her non-profit C Three Foundation to help raise awareness of the treatment, which saved her life in 2009.

In 2014, Christian’s award winning documentary One Little Pill was released.

Christian has spoken at UCLA, USC and at medical conventions around the world. In addition, she has appeared on Larry King Now and Megyn Kelly educating people about TSM.

Her TEDx talk on TSM has had over 3 million views. She is a fierce advocate for medication assisted treatment (MAT) and is on the advisory board for Ria Health, a telemedicine company that offers comprehensive, personalized treatment for patients with AUD.


"Claudia Christian is a fearless, recovery warrior. Compassionate and non-judgemental; she provides practical, modern solutions that help the individual's path with their recovery journey." - David B.

"Claudia helped me design a TSM program that worked specifically for my needs. She recognizes that recovery is not a 'one-size-fits-all,' endeavor and helped to set me up for success. I would be truly lost without her." - Steve N.

"Addiction is a lonely disease. But the solution doesn't have to be. Claudia provided me a safety-net with her pragmatic and knowledge coaching to help design a program that works specifically for me." - Babs G.