Danni El

Danni El

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Danni’s decade of lived experience with AUD followed by her life transforming journey on TSM is what has led her to support others to their own success on this method.

Through many years of personal and spiritual development as well as a broad knowledge of holistic coaching, she has collated the best of what she’s learnt and applied to create a toolbox of life skills to equip her clients with.

She works on a peer to peer level, as someone who’s been there. She holds space for her clients with zero judgement.

She believes that shame and stigma can only survive in silence. During her coaching sessions she will teach you to activate your voice to claim the fully expressed, liberated version of yourself that you long to be. This doesn’t mean your journey needs to be shared anywhere else - but in the space of your coaching session, all of you is free to be seen and heard and held.

Danni coaches a dual approach to TSM. The first is the practical aspect - compliance with taking the medication. The second is a focus on enriching ones life with endorphin producing activities that light them up. The two together create magic and transform lives.